Ko-Fi Rewards: I forgot to add some rewards I loved to the questionnaire

I made the mistake of having multiple ways that folks could suggest great rewards for my Ko-Fi fiction-writing fund.

Listing sponsor in the ACKS is automatic — to the point that if you don’t WANT to be in the Acknowledgements, you’ll need to let me know.

But everything else I CAN do is under consideration, and among the many things I forgot to add were:

  • Scenes from another character’s POV (an example, since all the Cadence Drake stuff is from her POV, would be getting to see Herog’s take on the same event)
  • DRAWING to be included as a minor character in a book (generally one who gets killed off, as tradition dictates)
  • DRAWING for a signed first-edition print version of a novel
  • DRAWING for full class access to my six-class “Create A” writing series (the sixth book, How to Write Page-Turning Scenes, is the one with the non-series title.)
  • A collaborative works-in-progress shared-image collage of things like “workspace” or “favorite writing instrument”
  • A graphic SUPPORTER pip to use on the forums

So I’m going to pull the very broken and incomplete current poll, and put up a new (STILL NON-BINDING) poll to help me winnow the many good ideas down to a workable number, or a rotation between a lot of equally popular possibilities.

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