Knock, Knock wraps at 2044 words

By Holly Lisle

Wow. Chapter 2, “Knock, Knock,” hit the points I wanted to hit, but it did it in a way that completely floored me. I’d had this image of Cady cleaning up after the corpse in her room, but what she did instead was so much better.

And I discovered Hastrozene, “The Universe’s Best Instant Party,” which though illegal through most of the rest of known space, is available by the hundred-pack on Sparkle Station in the Camelot system.

Quote from Cady:

“On the bright side, I’d finally remembered who I was pretending to be, and where I was. My deep cover this time was Raine Alai, rich party girl with a fancy space yacht, looking for a new boy-toy or two to replace the worn-out boy-toys I’d dumped down on Camelot. I was an invitee on Camelot’s exclusive getaway for the rich, powerful, and debauched, Sparkle Station, ostensibly to find them.

Oh. If the name Sparkle Station makes the backs of your teeth itch just a little, welcome to the club.”

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