Just Passed Page 800!

I’m officially 66.6666% done with Talyn (in first draft, of course.) A full two thirds of the manuscript completed and on schedule, with a month and a half to wrap the final third. Four hundred first draft pages in a month and a half … [insert big grin here]. Yeah, I can do that.

It’s moving very nicely, and I’m pretty tickled with what I’m getting. It doesn’t feel long when I’m writing it — I’m having to compress and cut to make sure all the important story bits get in there. I hope it will read as quickly. I’ve been through Really Big Books that were fast reads (King’s Dreamcatcher comes to mind) and some that were bricks.

I’m hoping to avoid brickdom. So … onward. Still have pages to go to finish today’s batch.

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One response to “Just Passed Page 800!”

  1. Jean Avatar

    Wild Applause! You go, Girl. 🙂 Closer to me being able to read.

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