Just Like Everyone Else

I spent last night and most of the wee hours of this morning "watching" the election ("watching" in quotes because we don’t have television, so we actually listened to radio and surfed the Internet to stay up with the thing), so I slept in a little this morning.

Today, with Claire’s comments on LAST GIRL DANCING in hand, and knowing that the actual manuscript with comments attached will be landing on my front porch some time today, I am trying to figure out a new approach that wil let me gut the weak parts, save the suspense parts, come up with a whole new core plot for the hero and heroine.

So, once again, it’s me and Inspiration, this time with mind mapping, weird little image tidbits, and anything else I can pull out of the program to give me a visual of what I’m doing.

Time frame to finish this? I’m already way behind. The clock is ticking on HAWKSPAR.

So the real magic here will be to keep myself on track to take the time to do it right, because I just don’t have the time to do it again.

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