Just finished the write-in revision of Ohio 2 — so…

I like it. I had to make one BIG change because I had a revelation when writing the first draft of Book 3 that had to be retrofitted into Book One and Two–

And while I haven’t read Three since I wrote it, I think I had that revelation at the very beginning of Three. Which, if I’m remembering correctly, means I just finished with the BIG retrofit, which was all about the use of technology and What We Don’t Do.

I’m not necessarily remembering correctly. There might be a bit more of the early error I made and just finished ripping out of Book Two. If so, by the time I hit Book Three, it will be a damned easy fix.


I’d been away from the Book Two story long enough that it was like someone else wrote it. That means I got to be objective about stuff I screwed up (and there’s always stuff I screw up in first draft).

It also meant that when I hit the funny bits, I didn’t know they were coming, and there were some places where I laughed out loud.

This is a good sign. That stuff stays.

So now I’m going to print out the manuscript for Book Three.

And oh… on printing out the manuscript, since I was so utterly grumpy about my Mac and my LaserJet Pro M404n failing to communicate with each other…

Matt’s words were running through my head a few days ago where I decided to type in a replacement scene rather than hand-writing it. They were, “I just plugged it in and it worked.” This was on his Windows computer.

And I thought… yeah. That’s how Apple computers used to work, too. What if they still do?

So I deleted the updated Official Driver I’d downloaded from the Official Hewlett Packard site. Just wiped the damn thing out.

Turned my printer on, hit “Print” in Scrivener, let my Mac find find the plugged-in printer on its own and identify it…

And guess what…


I’m guessing it’s gonna be a hot day in Hel when everyone’s a teetotaler before I override my Mac with a company’s ‘official driver’ again.

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