Just Bought Two Books by Julia Quinn

Never read her before. Never even heard of her. But I decided I absolutely have to read a book by someone who had people bidding up the opportunity to have lunch with her to over five hundred dollars (… the last time I checked. The total was probably even higher when the auction closed.)

I’m going to read (at breakfast and during those lunches that I don’t take at the computer) The Duke and I, and The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown.

Note that I have avoided historicals of any sort since gagging and nearly passing out near the beginning of The Flame and the Flower — my thinking at the time being, “Good God, they can’t all be like that, but just in case, let’s never do that again.”

Woodiwiss fans, please forgive me; I acknowledge that she has written the most popular historical romance novel ever, but it’s definitely a love it or hate it sort of book, and I didn’t love it.

Anyway. Will pass on what I discover.

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