Just 6 more lessons to build on the new Secret Writing Course

Today went really, really well. Finished the lesson (did most of it yesterday), and built out the worksheet today.

I’ll be working light the rest of the week, because my best friend from high school is going to be in town for her reunion (she was a year ahead of me).

So I’ll be sort of around, but probably not a lot.

I’ll get back to the last six lessons of the class after her visit.

And then start considering possible bonus classes.

If you want to be invited to the class, the sign-up to be notified when the class goes LIVE is linked below. The actual URL starts with winning-innovator and a wacky letter-number combo, but it is a real and secure sign-up link provided by Convert Kit.

It’s just kinda fugly.

LET ME KNOW ABOUT THE CLASS WHEN IT GOES LIVE: https://winning-innovator-5948.ck.page/89150d4b07

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2 responses to “Just 6 more lessons to build on the new Secret Writing Course”

  1. dragon Avatar

    I think I already signed up to be notified … although I suspect I won’t be in a position to take the class … <chuckle> But I’m glad it’s going so well. Have fun with your friend.

    1. Holly Avatar

      It was a great visit! Thanks for the good wishes, too! I appreciate them a lot!

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