Jace, Quin, and the Baseball Bat

By Holly Lisle

My main character, Jace, has developed a Type A personality. Quin, ostensibly her butler, has the same Type A personality. She’s American, he’s British, and neither of them sees eye to eye on much of anything.

Each of them is determined to get the other to work the way they think work should be done. A baseball bat gets frequent mention in tonight’s scene.

The story is up to 9,677 words, 709 of which I wrote tonight. And at this point, I have diverged enough from my outline that I’m going to run over the 12,000-word-limit I set for myself.

I may end up cutting in revision. I may not. I really like what I got, though. I had fun writing it, and I made myself laugh a couple times.

So. After days and days of not writing any fiction, I’m back on the board.

How are your words coming?

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