Jace, Quin, and the Baseball Bat

My main character, Jace, has developed a Type A personality. Quin, ostensibly her butler, has the same Type A personality. She’s American, he’s British, and neither of them sees eye to eye on much of anything.

Each of them is determined to get the other to work the way they think work should be done. A baseball bat gets frequent mention in tonight’s scene.

The story is up to 9,677 words, 709 of which I wrote tonight. And at this point, I have diverged enough from my outline that I’m going to run over the 12,000-word-limit I set for myself.

I may end up cutting in revision. I may not. I really like what I got, though. I had fun writing it, and I made myself laugh a couple times.

So. After days and days of not writing any fiction, I’m back on the board.

How are your words coming?

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14 responses to “Jace, Quin, and the Baseball Bat”

  1. Ileana Mackenzie Avatar
    Ileana Mackenzie

    Not so good. My mind keeps on considering to turn this novel into a back burner. I want to continue writing it but a lot of other “greater” plots keeps on popping in my mind that it’s so hard to continue.

  2. WandersNowhere Avatar

    I discovered, by chance and to my great pleasure, a couple of really nice short films (primarily ‘Sintel’, http://www.sintel.org) that made me think deeply. And thinking deeply is always good.

    I think the film above packs more emotion into 15 minutes than most Hollywood ‘epics’ can achieve in multiple hours. A clean and simple story can really hit home.

    My perception of what a story is and what it has to be to be effective is changing. As a result, I think I may excise the entire ‘dark past’ subplot from my vampire story so that it is ONLY about the immediate now.

    This will cut several thousand words out of the story, but it is likely to be a better, stronger story when I’m done. With a more sympathetic protagonist, to boot. The dark past didn’t affect the main story much at all, it was more of a red herring / excuse for the protag to be angsty.

    I am keeping Vlad’s cameos, though, for purposes of having a note to begin and end the story on. I’m just ditching the flashback and the rest.

  3. Jessica Avatar

    The words are coming slowly. I zoomed through my first 13 some odd pages, and then I hit a wall. I’ve got a couple hundred words since this damn wall appeared in front of me, but I haven’t got enough to hit a breakthrough yet. Demetra is still lost in the woods, and I’ve become lost myself trying to find her. I know where I want to go from here, I know what’s going to happen not too long after the sun rises. The only problem, is getting through the night. If only Atkin was closer, as soon as he appears… Everything will be fine and dandy again.

    At this point, I would love to stand up and just start screaming at him to wake up. I’m not sure that would be the best idea, but at least Demetra would be able to find me! The real world is really starting to take hold of me and strangle out every bit of imagination I’ve got in me. Moving into my very first apartment and I’ve got to admit, THE REAL WORLD SUCKS! Ha. Back to work now, maybe I’ll be able to squeeze out a few hundred more words.

  4. Gabby Avatar

    Working my way through the 2 Year Novel Course by L. Gifford. I’m on week 5 now, starting to work on setting. I find it’s a good compliment to HTTS.

    It’s definitely a form of procrastination (since I should just finish the darn story already) but I can’t seem to help it. I bring avoidance to the level of art. 😀

  5. Hanna Avatar

    I am working on HTRYN and I am on lesson 1, for Bx2. Both of my computers broke at the same time which was pretty weird. I finally got a work around, not fixed yet, and started printing Bx2. I still have a lot to type up, since I have a notebook full chapters. I am excited about getting further during the christmas break, which will be touchy since my MIL will be in town. I also need to befriend a librarian, I need to do a lot of research.

    I am not giving up !!!!!

  6. WandersNowhere Avatar

    Dodged another awkward sex scene; turned out not to be necessary to write it at all. Huzzah!

  7. Robert Eilers Avatar

    I turned away from the short story I’ve been working on and banged out a poem. Don’t know if I’m quite done with the it but I do like certain lines especially, “Oh to live free, to be me, to destroy the bane of societal slavery.” It started out as going in one direction then sort of swam into a semi-angry pool about being an adult in this crazy mixed up world. What can I say, you write what you feel.

  8. WandersNowhere Avatar

    A little work done on Wampyr last night, which is going to get a title change soon.

    Finished a short horror scene that made my hackles raise at midnight. Brrr-rr-rr-rr.

    This story is the culmination of so much of my interest in the field. Due to the rural setting and folklore theme it’s acquiring a kind of cryptozoology feel – there’s an earlier scene where you could be forgiven for thinking ‘el chupacabra’, but I’m basing it on the folklore of the region it’s set in, which brings up another set of eerie, eerie little coincidences.

    I mean has anyone else noticed that folklore vampire and incubus stories have a lot in common with UFO abductions? Sleep paralysis, weight on the chest, hallucinations, visions of being molested by frightening creatures, strange marks left on the body, debilitating fatigue and weakness…mutilated livestock, drained of blood?

    Not saying I’m writing ‘Attack of the Space Vampires’ here, but aside from the obvious conclusion (and yes, I know about the tuberculosis and corpse bloating explanations) there are a lot of potential story threads to play with.

    For the purposes of this story I’m only going with the grimy old-school folklore horror. At the risk of accidentally starting another Twilight-flame-war, I don’t actually dislike Twilight THAT much. I think teen romance about vampires and werewolves is fine for its target audience, but I hope that writers and filmmakers continue to produce fiction about genuinely icky, scary vampires to balance it, so that Edward Cullen won’t become the ‘default’ image of the vampire (I also hope that young girls will grow enough smarts to realise that men who act as creepy and controlling as Eddie are NOT ideal boyfriends, but that’s another rant).

    With this story, I hope to do my part toward the former goal.

  9. Jessic@ Avatar

    Finally got my manuscript printed out for revision purposes. So very excited. It seems like a lot on the screen, but it isn’t until you actually get a paper copy in your hand that you realize just what it is that you’ve created. It’s amazing. The only thing that I really messed up on was that I forgot to number my pages…So now I have to go through with a pencil and mark all the page numbers on the paper by hand. Ouch, talk about a lesson learned.

    On my plate for the next week or two is some research and then I’m diving in. No new words, though.

  10. Teri Avatar

    I’ve been making slow but steady progress and, as of the 8th, have written something every day for seven days. Wednesday’s total was 165 words, and the trouble Zhaer feared from the crowd listening to the agitator has begun. And he’s already fairly sure it was a planned riot, with even some of the Royal Guard involved in getting it started. It’s not quite out of control yet, but if it’s going to be nipped in the bud, Zhaer needs to rouse the Legion. Who are not about to listen to a country baron from the middle of nowhere.

  11. Spiritua Masquerade Avatar

    My words are coming slower than I’d like, but faster than they have been for months. After almost a year in which I could get no consistent pattern of writing established, I’ve found a website that motivates me to write at least 3 pages per day. The only problem is, I’ve been using it to write whatever comes to mind, so I’ve wound up with… four prologues/openers, three middle scenes (two of which were for books I’d never thought up before, one for a book I wasn’t even close to planning to write yet), and scenes from four books down the series from the one I’m wanting to focus on right now.

    But I’m thinking that now that college has broken for Christmas, I might be able to get some HTTS-driven structure to my daily writings. Crossing my fingers here.

    1. Gabby Avatar

      Hi Spiritua,
      What website is that?

  12. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    I have taken a break from writing last week to recover from finishing my first NaNo and preparing for my first piano recitial. At my age, that recital was quite the accomplishment. At anyrate, I did some miscellaneous writing and ended with 1709 words. I was amazed that it didn’t take all that much. I must be in pretty good writing shape due to the NaNo.

  13. Rick Lipman Avatar

    I just broke 25k on the WIP tonight! I was aiming for 40k (halfway) by the end of the month but it looks like I’ll have to revise that slightly. I’ll be happy if I can hit the halfway mark by the end of January. The writing’s been going slow (dayjob and health issues) but at least it’s going!

    Glad to hear you got good words tonight! It’s a great feeling when you not only get words down, but when you get words you like.

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