I’ve UNPUBLISHED Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood, and Warpaint

By Holly Lisle

This was a tough decision to make.

I’ve pulled both Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood and Warpaint from circulation.

They will be back…

But not until I know I’m going to put them in front of the readers who will love them.

I’m going to have to get (or make) new covers for both books, completely redo keywords and blurbs, change my books’ categorization, and give them a chance to cool (though sales have been small enough that THAT part shouldn’t take long… I had them so badly categorized that they haven’t been “hot”).

Based on what I’m learning today, I’m going to have to split-test covers and blurbs to jut the folks who like to read the kind of stories these are.

I’m finding the face of my audience today — my real readers — and my big, happy news is that I’m not going to have to change what I write. There’s already a market I’ve been writing in that has a lot of readers who would love what I do. Which is thrilling.

But I’m definitely going to have to change the way I present it to readers, so that the folks who would love it can find it (which hasn’t been happening), and the ones who wouldn’t will never see it.

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