It’s time for TYPE-IN! (frikkin’ FINALLY…) #WABWM

By Holly Lisle

8:29 AM

Write-in is DONE!

On to TYPE-IN! It took me 45 minutes just to get my documents and desk set up.

Scrivener revision doc, write-in pages, technical schematics, notebook with tagnotes and fixes, copies of published HTCB and the WARPAINT first draft on the Kindle so I can do quick word searches, pens, index cards, earphones (in case the Disco Queen erupts again).

And there was a certain amount of (aherrm!) cleaning necessary before those things could be put in place.

But. Working now. The write-in was massive. No idea how long the book will be. But…longer. Not sure how long it will take.

As long as it takes.

Finished the write-in last night at eleven-thirty pm, after having worked on it all day except for my meal.


Write with joy, get good stuff. šŸ˜€

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