It’s Mud Everywhere

By Holly Lisle

So. I spent all day yesterday slogging through Lulu and CCC, and I think I have fixed the problem. Heavy emphasis on think. I’ve ordered a second copy, and should have it early next week. But I should know before then whether or not this method will work, because HTCB shipped on Monday, and I used the same method to produce it that I used on the character clinic.

Today I’m back to the language clinic, which I’d hoped to have done already. This year, everything is taking longer, everything has grown thorns, and I feel like I’m perpetually fighting my way through a briar patch with my feet mired in good Ohio mud. (Which is some of the finest mud on the planet, too–it ate more than one pair of my galoshes when I was a kid, and there were a couple of times I was pretty sure I was a goner.)

I’m rebuilding the worksheets today. I thought I already had them somewhere on the hard-drive. These are, after all, the worksheets I use when I create my languages. But I can’t find the templates anywhere. So I dug out my Matrin Languages notebook, and am going through and redoing everything.

As I said, mud. And briars.

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