It’s been an awful week

By Holly Lisle

So here I am on Friday night, haven’t managed a weblog entry, haven’t managed to write fiction all week.

I’ve been absolutely buried in Lesson 14 for HTRYN. Could not figure out how to show people what they need to do related to revising Simple Time in their novel. I had the whole lesson outlined, thought I knew how I was going to present it—and then my presentation didn’t work, and I re-outlined, did clusters, did bullet points, wrote things, deleted things.

My whole week I spent on JUST that lesson. In the end, I had a breakthrough, and HOW I needed to present the issues of Simple Time became clear, easy, obvious. Like falling off a log.

But it cost me the whole week, so here I am on Friday night, when I’m supposed to be done for the week and taking a break, and instead, the migraine that has plagued me much of the week is with me again, and I’m pushing through on the demo for Lesson 13.

The lesson wasn’t the only wreck in the week—but it magnified the several other wrecks.

I have not abandoned the writing diary, the newsletter, the TalysMana novel and weblog, or any of the other things I’m working on. This week, though, every just fell apart.

I’m sincerely hoping to sleep for two straight days once I get this demo done. But right at the moment, it’s looking like a long night.

And I had so many other things I wanted to talk about this week.

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