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  1. I always remember a quote from the replicant in Blade Runner as he as he is finally dying and in that instant, as he recalls his life, it has become very precious to him, “All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.” Memories are what make us human. Exquisite memory, Holly. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Holly. Often I tend to dwell on painful memories. Your post has reminded me that I have innumerable happy memories that can enrich my life again and again.

  3. That is beautiful. I remember my mother doing the same thing with me…it’s one of my earliest memories. Of course, I don’t remember if I said anything at the time. Time to talk to Mom.

  4. Lovely memory, Holly. And, yea verily, Craig. I have seen how memory slips and contorts–modified not only by other real memories, but by TV shows and movies. Everyone should keep diaries. Otherwise, things get so mixed up and forgotten.

  5. I’ve noted, too, that sometimes the strangest things can regenerate a memory. Thinking about a subject that is close to an attitude of a relative or friend, or about an attitude that suddenly you remember a relative or friend expressing by word or deed.

    I’ve also noticed that memories can edit themselves, or be edited by our experiences since the events happened. My wife says that memories never really disappear, but are simply buried by the mass of new memories. I think she’s right in a way, but not necessarily completely. I think new experiences and memories can cause old ones to be modified. So, when you get a clear memory, write it down so you can refresh it, occasionally.

  6. These are amazing thoughts, Holly. I had thought about losing memories before, but…not like that. Not like you have. You have given me a new perspective.

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