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IT’S A SIGN!!! – Moon & Sun Book 3: The Emerald Sun — 51 Comments

  1. Please do keep us updated for the sun & moon #3 the emerald sun. I’ve been dying to see this series to an end. I first read the ruby key when I was in 8th grade. I’ve been captivated by it ever since. Please see this series to an end. Would love to hear from you

  2. Holy crap! I’m so excited! Ive been reading these books since elementary school and I still love them to this day. I love this world as it was my first fantasy series, and I sure did pick an amazing one!

  3. synchronicity or serendipity, Whatever you want to call it, it was meant to be! Looking forward to reading this book (and rereading the first two.)

  4. This is wonderful news. And very encouraging that you found the start of the third book and are getting immersed in the world again. I wish you could write more but understand how writing a series goes, as I am unpublished and writing several series and it’s so hard. I imagine your road was very hard to even get published by Scholastic. And I love you revision technique by the way and love that you write craft books as well. Thank you!

  5. Something similar just happened to me.I’m 8 months pregnant and looking to quit my former job as a tattoo artist to spend more time at home with my newborn. I had been writing books on the side for a while now and my computer crashed. I lost everything…pictures, files, etc. I was devastated. It wasn’t until I had my laptop restored with a brand new hand drive that i found out ONEDRIVE saved EVERY SINGLE FILE!!!! I thought they were lost for good.

    • Gotta love good backup. I’m so happy you found all your work safe. And best wishes for an easy delivery and a healthy, happy newborn.

  6. I’m joining the excitement at your finding what you thought was irretrievably lost, Holly!! I don’t think a non-writer can appreciate the value that is to a writer. I had to switch computers a few months ago and horrors! my book files didn’t get transferred. I could have cried. I knew I could (most likely) get them back, I always keep my hard drives and have backups, but the work! But it was some odd glitch in the files themselves, so the tech was able to retrieve them. I haven’t read the Sun and Moon books, but I really look forward to them, they sound like I’d love them.

  7. Congratulations! Finding old digital files that serviceable are glorious. And to have the original rights revert to you in advance of finding the files you thought were lost–truly a serendipitous sign! Go for it full tilt, girl!

    • SERVICEABLE is the big word here. I have recently gone through all my materials and created plain RTF (and to be redundantly redundant) plain .doc files of all my fiction, which I have backed up in a redundantly redundant fashion.

      Can’t do anything about the stuff written on typewriter and lost eons ago — but that’s probably just mercy on the part of the universe. That’s where I got my hundred+ rejection-slip collection, ALSO lost. That I actually kind of miss, though.

  8. Yay for computers even though you can lose things in them too. Sure beats having thrown a manuscript in the trash and having to start from scratch as I have had to do. Glad you found it.

  9. excellent! Interestingly enough, I fond notes on a story I thought I lost in a comic book container (I used to write everything by hand). not the same, I know, but I was excited when I found them as I thought I left them in the house on Cross Street.
    Congrats and good luck on finding your world.

  10. Actually, Holly, these two books are the first two of yours that I read…many years ago. And I loved them, too! So I’m really glad to hear that you’re going to begin work on the series. Can’t wait to read Book 3!

    • OH…! Thank you for hanging around even though I didn’t finish the series in a timely fashion.

      I’m so excited to be working on this at last.

  11. Oh, there’s nothing better than finding something you thought lost, especially when you weren’t even looking for it. Or so says my friend, Prince Serendip. Enjoy your treasure!

    • LOL! I like your friend the Prince.

      And treasure… it was like finding several hundred dollars and about as many hours. I’m so happy.

  12. Wasn’t Moon and Sun intended to be a long series (7+ books)? We know Holly and how Holly likes to think long. Why not make it a long series again now that the rights have reverted? Why end it with book 3 when that was Scholastic forcing you to?

    • Hi, Ryan. Here’s the logic.

      The first two books did not sell well for Scholastic. I know they did a crap job of marketing the series, using the infamous publisher “Throw a bunch of books against the wall and see what sticks” method, and knowing that, I might be able to bring the series back to life and have it sell really well.

      But odds are not in my favor. Odds are not in any writer’s favor for any series. And I want the folks who started the series so very many years ago to get a REAL ending. A good one.

      Gambling on seven linked books and investing in writing and publishing five independently before finally reaching the end, when I’m now pushing sixty (I’m 58, so that’s pushing pretty hard), is also not a great idea. I’ve already dealt with tongue cancer once. The removal of a massive parathyroid tumor. I’m in better health than I’ve been in years, but reality says, “Finish in one. If folks love it, you can always write stand-alones in the world. If they don’t — at least not in the numbers that would make this pay the bills — then at least the folks who have stood by you all these years get an ending.

      • That is wonderful, Holly. I read the first two books with my daughter, now 18, and we both treasured them. Over the holidays, I’ve reread Ruby Key, and have been admiring your wonderful narrative and pining for more.

        A real end with more potential stand alone stories to come, as Pullman has done is a great idea. So looking forward to buying multiple copies of Emerald Sun.

  13. I’m super excited about this. I remember being a beta reader for the Silver Door back in the day. Really can’t wait to read book 3!

  14. Finding digital files you thought were gone forever is one of the most exciting things ever. I didn’t read this until I was an adult, and yet I’m definitely among those looking forward to the third book. Woo hoo!

    • Holy Crap… Yes. I was looking at having to have two of my rare remaining hardcovers ripped apart for scanning.

      Now I can just read through and make corrections from the printed version to the manuscript versions.

    • Thank you so much for staying in touch and letting me know. I’m truly sorry it has taken this long, but I’m glad to be here now.

      • I’m just super glad that you’re able/willing to continue the series after all of these years. I joined your Patreon as soon as you posted this update! I know it’s not much, but I’m glad that I get to be a (very) small part of seeing the story concluded.

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