It’s 2:49 AM. Do you know where YOUR writer is?

I’ve been working since about 10 this morning. Time off for meals, no time off for good behavior.

I got my moderators set up in How To Revise Your Novel. I got sign-up pages set up and tested. I got all the kinks worked out of the class itself. (That I could find, anyway.) I got e-mails sent out letting folks know that after Thursday, it’d be too late to sign up to the HTRYN earlybird list, because I’m sending out the secret page link on Friday.

I got three thousand words of course description written, and will finish that tomorrow and put it up so you can see what I’m actually going to be teaching in “How To Revise Your Novel.”

What I didn’t get was fiction.

Eyeballs bleeding, sore all over from sitting in the same position for almost 17 hours, utterly fried… I’m going to hang out with Matt for a while because I’ve been a ghost all day. And then I’m going to go to sleep for a while, and get up and do it all again.


How did your words go?

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26 responses to “It’s 2:49 AM. Do you know where YOUR writer is?”

  1. Ame Avatar

    Too many troublesome students to chastise and lessons to plan today but I did manage to squeeze in about 100 words between classes. Wish it was more but at least I got something.

  2. SarBrook Avatar

    125 yesterday and LOTS of questions for myself today. I spent a good chunk of time plotting, so I’m trying to make things work now. Had fun with my post-it notes, though! That was the first time i tried it, and I have to say, that was way easier than my note cards and a table!

    I also had a breakthrough on how to make the opening work better for my new plot. So I just need to write it…

  3. Kait Nolan Avatar

    227 yesterday. First words I’ve written on the novella in a week and a half. I’ll take it.

  4. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    No words since last week. We went on a very entertaining road trip and this week has been kid activities. But my goal for the next five days will be 1000 words per day. I need 5K words by the end of this month for my 10K goal and 10K next month. I am really hoping that will end the novel. I so want it done by New Year’s Eve!!!

    1. Lisa R Avatar
      Lisa R

      Well, I ended up getting 438 words done. I had written in a part that I hadn’t expected and really had to work at what to do with the scene. I finally wrote enough and discussed it with my husband long enough that I am now going in a very good direction. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  5. Larkk Avatar

    537 words, mostly description of the Elders, since I had no idea what they look like, and both my main character and I were a bit surprised when we found out.
    Then I turned in and called it a night, a pocketful of words is sooo nice. Feeling much better today!

  6. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    410 words.

    The Queen is studying the news when her butler informs her that she has three guests. She asks the butler if a certain mining colony has increased in strategic importance since her incarceration and the butler can’t think of a reason (but promises himself to find out.) Then she asks him to bring in her guests.

    Only started this scene. The whole colony thing was just the Muse running with it, this is not the point of the scene at all. I think I’ve got it a bit out of sequence. This will probably go after the Usurper finds out that The Princess is at that colony.

    Didn’t get much time to write because we flew back from Houston yesterday. And three of our nieces (and one of their friends) drove down from Colorado and are staying for Thanksgiving. So we were entertaining.

  7. Phil Avatar

    I asked myself one question for the scene I was working on: What is my main character afraid of? 1611 words later, I stopped, but only because I had to go to bed. I didn’t want to be a zombie at my day job.

    1. Holly Avatar

      That’s the magic, man. One good question, and suddenly the whole world opens up.

      I LOVE questions.

  8. Nancy Avatar

    3034 and Nano is done at just over 50k. Of course, I still have to finish the novel. But now it won’t be so crazy making. And the path forward is clear and a downhill slide, so it’ll be fun.

    1. Larkk Avatar

      Congrats on the Nano win! Have fun with the rest of the novel too:)

      1. Nancy Avatar

        Thanks, Larkk!

    2. Gabby Avatar

      Wow, great job! Congratulations and good luck 🙂

  9. Peggy Avatar

    Just over 400 words on DG yesterday, mostly smoothing out the scene I finished writing since the cold has been driving my nose nuts, but also a few on the next scene, which I hope to finish today.

    I did wake up with the right opening line for the day’s work, though:

    “That’s crazy talk.” Rafael didn’t hesitate before he made that declaration.

    “Sure is,” Chase agreed. He couldn’t argue that part. “But what if it’s true talk, too?”

  10. Jessica Avatar

    228 to finish up the scene. The guards found four more civilians hiding in the caravan, all trying to escape the chaos in the city. They are now being dragged off to holding cells on the suspicion of being rebels. They aren’t. But the merchants are. And Cait will be meeting them soon.

    I don’t know where the nephew is going next, and it’s not really that important. The next time he pops up though it will be pretty evident that things have gone from bad to worse.

  11. June Avatar

    I wrote a few hundred words, but it was all ‘character journal’, not manuscript. I’m trying new things with characters this time around. I long ago realized that characters sheets and not-the-book writing for the MCs doesn’t work for me. I’m much better off creating them ‘on the page’ as it were. But, I have all these important players to whom I have no plans to give a POV scene. And I thought maybe writing what amount to journal entries from their POV might help flesh them out. Got interesting stuff, jury is still out on whether it’s useful or not.

  12. Khena Avatar

    Did some more notecards last night. My Princess left me in some trouble when she declared she would not tolerate my killing her father like the MC planned, even if he is quite mad and trying to kill his daughter. I can’t imagine why! =)

    So 14 plot cards later, I am ready to roll again. I did get about 850 words finishing up the scene I had started too! I doubt i can finish my nano up in 5 days now, but I am going to try.

  13. DasteRoad Avatar

    Took a day off on tuesday. Awful day at work, then we went dining at a friends’ house and came home around 11 PM when I was too tired to get anything done.

  14. Greg Avatar

    Got 628 words on D&D on Monday morning before some sort of mild flu wiped me out until today (currently Wednesday am in the UK). No sinus issues or sharp pain, just a dull, full-body ache and a loss of appetite.
    But I feel fine now, so hopefully the rest of the week will be more productive and I’ll finally get D&D finished!

  15. Adam Avatar

    got 1500 words and finished ch 26. now to see if i can get the rest of the draft finished tomorrow.

    1. Adam Avatar

      pushed out 3000 words and finished my rough draft 5 minutes ago.

      Proved to myself that i can do it. now i’m putting this one to the side and outlining/plotting the sequel.

      have a happy Thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating!

      1. Teri Avatar

        Grats on finishing! And good luck wit the sequel.

        Enjoy Thanksgiving!

      2. Larkk Avatar

        Nice work! Congratulations on finishing, that’s quite an accomplishment 🙂

      3. Gabby Avatar

        Sorry, a little late, but congratulations!!

  16. Ieva Avatar

    2K words, as I was supposed to (which was an utter surpise, because I took a looong nap after work and still managed to get the words done). I also managed to do a skeleton outline for the ending (with five days of NaNo left, that’s about time, I guess).

    I keep dreaming of writing. Writing new stories, getting my NaNo down, everything. It’s getting rather troublesome, you know, as if I wasn’t doing anything else but writing.

  17. Teri Avatar

    Hugs on the tough day. I hope tomorrow, against all odd, will be easier.

    I got 203 words on my WIP, and then realised I didn’t know enough about the antagonists Zhaer is finally going to meet not to make caricatures of them. So I wrote over 2,300 words of scenelets and snippets covering the past twenty years to figure out how the “conspirators” slid down the slippery slope from disagreeing with the king about changing the laws so a daughter could inherit the throne, to making certain Prince Damovin will succeed by killing both his older sisters.

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