ISY In the Bag

54,288 words. Other things have to be done, so CCC goes off to the side for the day. Will refigure the math and work on it tomorrow.

HATE late starts.

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3 responses to “ISY In the Bag”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Thanks, Nandini. I know they are. My agent and publishers are working vigorously to get them taken down. Google’s “opt-out” process doesn’t seem to actually exist, except in Google’s publicity literature.

    If the author, the agent, and the publisher have all requested removal of the material, and the material is still there, define “opt-out.” You know?

    And by using their addititional search tool and a bit of thoughtful questioning, I was able to read directly through one book, page by page, by page. I went through more than a hundred pages without a pause or even backing up before I decided that my method gave much more of the book than the Google promotional literature claims, and probably all of it.

  2. Nandini Avatar


    I thought you ought to know that yours books are searchable through Google’s Print Library. A search for “Molly McColl” allows me to read five pages each from all three of the World Gates books.

    I hope you’re in the process of opting out from this horrific new ploy by Google.


  3. StarDoc Avatar

    I am thinking of you as I behold tonight’s edit pile.
    * *

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