Inspiration Revisited

I’m bringing in and categorizing posts from the old Silent Bounce weblog, preparatory to deleting it pretty soon. Came across this favorite post, and thought I’d return it to your attention, as a reminder that odds are beatable, and you are exactly the person to beat them.

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7 responses to “Inspiration Revisited”

  1. Angelique Avatar

    Damn straight! 🙂

  2. Rick Avatar

    Loved this post the first time around, and it’s still every bit as inspiring today. Thank you.

  3. Angela-Marina Avatar

    I can’t tell you the entire truth of how much your words have helped me, but I can say this: Thank You.

    I’ve only been a poster at this blog for a month or so, but I’ve been visiting your site for almost a year. I’ve read, and read, and re-read almost all of your writer’s articles, and a large portion of your sample chapters. When my income becomes a little more stable, I plan to buy a lot of your books. I plan to buy a lot of your words.

    This post in particular though, is truly inspiring.

    I think we’ve all had times when we’ve felt utterly discouraged, whether by our friends, our colleagues, our families, or even ourselves.

    I hope everyone here can achieve what they’ve been trying so hard to do. I hope I can achieve it.

    I know I can achieve it, and so can we all.

  4. Luminessence Avatar

    That’s just what I needed; thank you.

  5. Holly Avatar

    It’s been a rough year and a really difficult and painful last few days. I thought maybe someone other than me might not mind revisiting that particular bit of truth.

  6. shay Avatar

    i remember that post, very inspiring 🙂

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