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Inspiration Revisited — 7 Comments

  1. I can’t tell you the entire truth of how much your words have helped me, but I can say this: Thank You.

    I’ve only been a poster at this blog for a month or so, but I’ve been visiting your site for almost a year. I’ve read, and read, and re-read almost all of your writer’s articles, and a large portion of your sample chapters. When my income becomes a little more stable, I plan to buy a lot of your books. I plan to buy a lot of your words.

    This post in particular though, is truly inspiring.

    I think we’ve all had times when we’ve felt utterly discouraged, whether by our friends, our colleagues, our families, or even ourselves.

    I hope everyone here can achieve what they’ve been trying so hard to do. I hope I can achieve it.

    I know I can achieve it, and so can we all.

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