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Responding to a post a couple of days ago, I suddenly got an inkling of what a varied lot of talents the members of the site’s writers’ community harbored. Testing my theory, I put out a request for community members to describe their hobbies. The response has been even better — more interesting and more varied — than I had expected. If you’d like to add your hobbies, interests, and talents to this list, I’d love to see them. And I’m putting together something pretty neat (at least I think it’s pretty neat) that will begin next month.

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One response to “Inspiration and Community”

  1. Mette Avatar

    Umm, I have quite a few hobbies. I don’t consider writing one of them, though, more like an addiction.

    Reading. I’ll read ANYTHING, fiction, nonfiction, newspapers from three years ago, the back of shampoo bottles (even if they are in Suomi), cooking recipes, etc.

    Languages. I am currently fluent in English (duh) and rather fluent in German as well. Other than that, I am somewhat good at French, Spanish and Latin and I understand some Somali and Arab, but can’t say much.

    Alphabets. It’s related to languages, but I simply can’t get enough of letters, drawing Hindi writing all over innocent pieces of paper, or runes. I love runes, makes me feel closer to my heritage.

    Politics. I noted a few other posted this as well, I will do anything I can to change my communuity for the better. I’m a member of a political youth party here in Denmark and we do a lot of anti-racism actions.

    I can’t post anything liek knitting or cooking, I simply can’t keep my mind on to the same piece of needlework or the same cake for , well, more than four seconds at a time, because I start diving into my made-up worlds and then I ‘wake up’ and see that I’ve really been knitting a lump instead of a sweater or baking a piece of charcoal.

    Umm, I think that’s all. Drawing is a part of writing to me.

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