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Monday I asked my existing students the following question:

What is the best thing about my How to Write a Novel class?

I explained that I would be using their words along with their names or forum IDs to tell people not yet in class what mattered most about it to them.

I asked only on the private How to Write a Novel forum so that these would only be comments from verified, active students… and my folks started answering immediately. Better yet, answers are still coming in as I write this.

Here are some of them.  I have not cut or excerpted these — I’m letting the folks taking the class now talk to you themselves.

I’ll post some more of these on Monday.


HD Peterson says:
The best thing about Holly’s How to Write a Novel class is that for the first time ever I actually feel like I have a chance of finishing something… and making that something good.

Most writing books I’ve read, or other instruction I’ve received, offer nebulous advice on story structure and vague descriptions of techniques to develop it. Holly gives a clear step-by-step breakdown of how she does it, complete with exercises designed to get you working with both halves of your brain — the creative and the logical — without stifling either one.

Best of all, the story you develop retains spontaneity and the potential for happy accident and surprise without the danger of uncontrolled free-fall into an inescapable abyss. It’s evident Holly knows her stuff. Even better, she knows how to teach it.

This is the best money I’ve ever spent on a writing resource, bar none.


Diane Berry says:
The best thing about Holly’s How to Write a Novel class is that, after many half-finished novels, I’m finally learning how to complete one.

Holly has shown me how to establish a regular writing routine, and, among other things, has given me the tools to create interesting characters, immersive conflicts, surprising plot twists, and story arcs that sustain the middle of the novel — the place where I’ve always gotten stuck.

For the first time ever, I’ve reached the middle of my novel with so many ideas for what happens next, I can’t write fast enough to get them down.

How to Write a Novel has been a very, very good use of my time and money.


Tom Vetter says:
The best thing about Holly’s courses — besides the fact that they teach all the specific skills needed to become a professional writer — is that she gives you an entire toolbox of techniques to coax your muse into providing you worthy stories, and to keep that slippery storyteller whispering words all the way to a wonderful conclusion.


Linda Niehoff says:
To be able to see an author write a book alongside me and demonstrate the lessons I am learning has been priceless.

Seeing Holly’s process at work as she hits snags, writes towards new ideas, and fixes problems as they arise in first draft has changed the way I work.

How to Write a Novel class is giving me a system and structure to get out of my own way and get words on the page.


Patty Masserman says:
The worksheets in the class are the best part because Holly gets you asking questions that lead to surprisingly useful answers.

I’ve tried plotting and pantsing, but she has introduced me to a way of writing that gives me enough of a scaffolding to build my story that leaves enough room to discover delightful characters and occurrences along the way. So many times, I’ve stopped and said, “Oh. Okay. Let’s see where this goes.”

She’s an absolutely delightful guide.


 How To Write A Novel Registration closes in:

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Angie Mroczka says:
The best thing about this class is that while I know I don’t have time to write a book right now, I know that the course is sitting there waiting for me to make the time.



Yvette Roserie says:
The best thing about this class is that Holly doesn’t just give you a list of steps to follows but she break down the process and give real life examples while teaching the method.

Then you get to watch as she writes her book implementing the methods taught in the class.*  The way she teaches it gives you the opportunity to reverse engineer something you think worked in a book you like and apply the method to your own writing.

Also you have the opportunity to go thru this process with other students who are from varying backgrounds.

This class and experience is awesome.


*  [HOLLY interjecting here] You can literally watch me write.
I’m capturing on video each word of the first draft of the novel I’m creating specifically for this class. The videos are at the bottom of each corresponding weekly lesson. They start with Lesson 5, when we’ve finisheh building our ideas, and we start our books.

You’ll see every good thing I get. And you’ll see every mistake. I make some really interesting mistakes in first draft.

Not everyone finds the videos useful (and watching is not required). But for some folks, they’ve been a game changer.


Donna Beasley says:
I had spent about 6 months writing my novel when I realized it was never gonna work. The idea was great but my execution sucked and I needed to start over.

Luckily I discovered Holly’s Novel Writing Class that same week. The best thing about this class is its really great for a first time novel writer like me. It really help me think through the concept, character development, descriptions, and her approach to research was freeing.

I am on chapter 21, over halfway through the first draft of my middle-grade adventure novel.

And every time I sit down to write I can’t wait to find out what happens next. It’s that exciting.


Chris Bridges says:
This class is the blueprint you have always wanted, but couldn’t find on how to write your novel. As long as you do the work you WILL have a novel at the end of the class. The forums and Holly help to make sure everyone understands and can move though the writing process.

Holly also gives you a massive amount of tools to work with.

Holly’s classes are the best thing I have bought for moving my writing forward.

If any of these look interesting to you, you can find out everything else about the class here:




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