Insane Crazy Wonderful Cool

By Holly Lisle

Back from the doc. No, don’t know what’s wrong with me yet, and he was not thrilled to see how bad the vertigo was. The specialist visits remain on the schedule.


I got a prescription for Antivert (meclizine) which is also available over the counter as chewable Dramamine or Bonine, and which I’ll probably end up just getting that way if this stays a problem. And the medication works. It only treats symptoms, but that it does beautifully.

I feel better than I have in a couple of months. I can work sitting up at my desk, I can walk without having to lean on Matt or a wall, the room is staying in one place instead of rocking like it was careering through heavy seas, I have no nausea, and even the headache is mostly better—though after doing a real-time happy dance just because I could, it went from gone to present again. So I’ll limit future happy dances to mental ones.

If the meclizine continues to work for me, I should be able to get myself back on a regular work schedule.

Right now, after having done a ton of e-mails, I’m getting ready to go through the 150+ pending Editor Applications. I felt too bad last night to even look at them, though I did check to see how many were in there. (Fewer than there are now.)

I’m hoping last night was the last time I’ll lose any work because of whatever this is.

Oh. The anemia is a non-issue. It was a temporary dip, and I’m back to normal there.

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