Injecting Poison Into Your Brain

By Holly Lisle

What you embrace affects you, whether it’s good or bad. If you’re a writer, it affects what you create.

This is something I’ve talked about in my Writing Tips, something I’ve mentioned elsewhere as well—but here’s Jeff Walker, a guy who I admire for the way he treats folks while being tremendously successful, whose pay-forward ethic runs on the same track as mine—and he’s got a take on what you put into your brain and how it affects what comes out that you NEED to read.

I’m fervent about controlling what I allow into mind mind, and I get good results in my life because of this. Clearly, as you’ll read below, I’m not alone.

Realize that everything he’s saying about entrepreneurs is true for writers, too (who are, in fact, also entrepreneurs).

Let him know what you think. Let me know what you think, too.

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