In Support of My Affiliates, with Thanks

This is a little off-topic to the subject of book writing, but totally on the subject of book marketing, which all writers have to consider doing.

I’m not a great marketer, and I don’t know what makes effective advertising, other than word of mouth. But I figured I was willing to pay well for people who would advertise for me. I wanted to pay for successful advertising, though. So I put together an affiliate program, and I (and the other writers whose work I sell) pay a lot for successful sales—a minimum of 15% of cover price on any ebook sold (it comes out about $1.40 per $9.95 book sold, after PayPal takes its bite), up to 20% for top sellers, and 13% extra to those affiliates who signed up other affiliates who then went on to make sales. The program is still small, as is the bookstore. We don’t have a ton of books yet, but I do have some folks who have done a good job selling what we have.

I’d like to invite you to join the affiliate program. This form of advertising is beneficial to everyone involved, and I am grateful to everyone who is willing to place my ads on their websites or review the books in the shop and link to them through their affiliate links, or to include an affiliate link to the shop in their e-mails.

I would ask that if you join, you considering joining through through one of the following affiliates, as a way of paying forward. It does not in any way decrease the money you make—you get full value for every sale. These are the folks who have already sold books through the program, however, and it will help them. From time to time, I’ll post a notice like this, and include the link of every affiliate who has sold books on the site, and I’ll encourage others to join through their links. If you’ve sold books, it will include your link, too. My way of paying back, and saying thanks.

Click any link to join through that person’s membership:

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