In A Quiet House

Over the last couple of days, we moved Becky into her own place, then shifted things around here to make use of what had been her room. Mark is still visiting with relatives. I’m working at getting my feet back under me, realizing that things have changed for keeps this time; I’m getting up early, concentrating on revisions for Gods Old and Dark, and coming to terms with having my daughter accessible only by phone for a while.

The revisions are finally rolling well again. I’m impatient to get them done and to get going on Talyn. This last couple of weeks has been a strange, uncomfortable twist in a road that has already been pretty rough these last few years. And I’m reminded again that life is change, and that the only time we don’t experience change is once we’re dead. It’s always easier to roll with the punches when I remind myself of that.

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3 responses to “In A Quiet House”

  1. Jim Avatar

    Gotcha! 🙂

  2. Holly Avatar

    Grandmother?!!!! ……..


  3. Jim Woosley Avatar
    Jim Woosley

    Holly, I greatly adore your attitude. Yes, this is a difficult time, but as you say, change is one of the few constants of life. I have no doubt that you will perservere, and that out of these changes will grow an even more wonderful you.

    I also know that not everyone can do that, but the woman who could pen most of "Sympathy for the Devil" in two weeks amid the personal and professional turmoil that you’ve documented surrounded that event will be able to survive seeing her two chicks finally fly the coop.

    Next stop — grandmother Holly!

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