Important Notice:

By Holly Lisle

I was informed by a friend today that I was listed as GOH at MarsCon, which will be held March 3-5th, 2006, in Bloomington, MN.

This was the first I had ever heard of MarsCon. I’ve contacted the con committee and let them know of the problem; in the meantime, please understand that I will not be there. I’m not sure who they’ve been talking to, and don’t know if the person who accepted the invitation was pretending to be me, or pretending to represent me. Or if there’s some third possibility I haven’t yet considered. We’ll get this straightened out.

I apologize to anyone who made plans to attend that convention hoping to meet me.

In the meantime, has anyone been to any convention held anywhere in the world and on any date between November 21st, 1998 and last Sunday, and met anyone claiming to be me? If you have, you didn’t meet me. The last convention I did was Tropicon 17, in 1998. If you did meet someone claiming to be me, please post here. I’ll contact you for further information.

Thanks for your help and understanding.

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