I’m writing

Less than five hours of sleep (again), but the story pulled me in.

The Air Force Kid is on leave, and going to be here later today to visit for a few days, before he goes to hang out with his sister, and then travels some more to see friends all the way on the other side of the country. Then, of course, he ships out for a minimum of nine months to one of the places in the world you least want your kid to be.

I’m trying not to think about that. Taandu monsters and unlighted caverns and trouble that finds two hiding girls are easier things.

I won’t be posting again until Wednesday or Thursday. Taking some time off to spend with the Kid.

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4 responses to “I’m writing”

  1. Holly Avatar

    It was a great visit. He brought the first season of Veronica Mars with him, and we watched it together, with me predicting the solutions to various mysteries, and him grumbling (jokingly) about how if I kept figuring them out, there wasn’t much point in us watching it. We talked about movies he wants to make, screenplays he’s working on, my writing—our usual stuff. I made my utterly sinful fried chicken (something I do somewhat less than once a year, because that stuff really isn’t good for you). It was hard to let him go. He left the light in his old room on when he left, and I almost couldn’t make myself turn it out.

  2. BJSteeves Avatar

    Spend as much time with him as you can now. It will be a long time before your next visit.

    I wish him well.

  3. PolarBear Avatar

    He’ll be fine — but spoil him up good before he goes. Like Keely says, he’ll need it to draw upon.

  4. Keely Avatar

    Give that boy a hug from me. He was so young the last time I saw him that I’m sure he doesn’t even remember me! However, he is going to need all the (((HUGS))) he can get to cocoon within over the next several months.


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