I’m writing, and I don’t want to stop!

By Holly Lisle

I’ve done about a thousand words this morning. My heroine is getting herself in trouble with the police; the hero has cheerfully set her up to be in that trouble while absconding with all her research documentation from a dig; and three bodies, the mess attendant to their butchering, and a second anachronistic Roman-style sword have gone missing from her apartment (though the the head of one of the three corpses is still hanging out in the heroine’s hall).

The story has heated up on me so much I can’t bear to quit. This is riotous fun.

I have WORK to do. I have to put together the second module of THE WRITING CRAFT, I have to redo the ending of a short video for Writer Crash Tests. Both of these are part of what is allowing me to write this book without a contract already in hand.

But all I want to do is find out what happens next.

So maybe I’ll sneak in another fiction-writing session tonight.

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