I’m sick of bananas and Gatorade

Still feeling rotten, glad the weekend is here. I’m currently living on bananas and Gatorade and waiting for this crud to pass. But I did get the words over the last week, and I’ll get them next week, too.

I’m redoing the blogroll. Expect a mess for a few days.

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7 responses to “I’m sick of bananas and Gatorade”

  1. shawna Avatar

    That’s funny— I offered somebody virtual chocolate chip mint yesterday too! (The quantum must be acting up again…)

    When my kids’ tummies act up, I always use the “brat” diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast). Had a time a few years back when we dealt with an undiagnosed food allergy that made life miserable for one of my boys… and they had me spend about a week with him on a clear-liquids-only diet to try and settle his system… and when he started refusing even jello, I put my foot down and said we are NOT doing this anymore- what else can I give him? And so he lived on the brat diet and kid vitamins for two or three weeks after that, and he still gravitates toward those foods. (And it turned out to be a milk protein allergy.)

    For myself, though, I just refuse to eat anything at all til I’m sure it’s not upset anymore… I’d rather be hungry then nauseous.

  2. Holly Avatar

    I’m back and forth. I did all right with food on Sunday, and yesterday felt pretty good in the morning and just so-so in the evening. Today, it’s me and the Gatorade and the bananas, and I’ll just have to see how everything goes.

    Still getting the words, though.

    Thank you so much for the good wishes. For those of you who’ve managed to catch whatever it is, my sympathies. Have a banana.

    And chocolate mint?—DEFINITELY. (It has chocolate in it, right?)

  3. The English Rose Avatar
    The English Rose

    I hope you’re on the mend! My daily blog roll just isn’t the same without an inspiring post at Pocket Full of Words.

  4. joela Avatar

    healing vibes sent your way. do you like chocolate mint?

  5. Jason Penney Avatar

    I hope you’re feeling better (and if not, I hope you feel better soon).

    We have a cold making it’s second pass through our house. There’s always someone feeling lousy around here for weeks now. I’m hoping it doesn’t come back to me again.

  6. shawna Avatar

    Hope you’re starting to feel better now…

  7. S William Shaw Avatar

    I think I caught whatever you had.

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