I’m really pleased to note that our HollysWritingClasses.com upgrade is going well… The fiction…?

It’s a complete site overhaul over there.

*100% new classroom software

*100% new shop software

* Same forum — but upgraded, updated

* Lessons actually integrate with lesson reminders (for the first time ever)

* And if I bring the affiliate program over, THIS time it won’t die on people, because the software it runs on is…

A) state of the art
B) fully supported by the company that created it


My amazing moderators and I are building, and once we’ve finished building, we’ll test, and then we’ll move the existing database into the new software so that everybody who EVER owned any of the classes will own them again, and everyone I can reach will be able to head back in and find all their stuff in nice, clean, shiny, working classrooms.

The amount of work this is… it’s nuts. 

But it’s going faster that I anticipated (by several orders of magnitude) because my moderators truly are amazing people. Some of whom are working for Deity pips. All of whom are volunteers, doing all of this work for no payment.

I haven’t been around here much, because I’m there. Because we’re on the ticking clock of ancient, unsupported software and very old versions of sub-frame stuff, and …shudder… 


Well, I got 172 words, and they don’t suck.

I still like where I’m going.

But my stress level right now is not actually conducive to writing fiction. So, having genuinely tried to get words, and having pinged like an engine that’s dropping pieces on the road, and that’s starting to both smoke and steam, I’m going to call TIME on today’s words, and go see how much of the front end of the site I can get built (because that part has to be all me) I can get done.

And some hours after I started writing this post, I came back to it with ZERO front-end stuff figured out, because while  the Kadence WordPress them is very pretty (and pretty expensive), the backend on it is a nightmare I’m having no luck figuring out — and so far, they have not gotten back to me with any answers to my questions.

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