I’m Offering Worldbuilding Tutoring on Ebay

By Holly Lisle

Here’s the deal. My home kidney-removal kit is broken, so I can’t auction a kidney, and in my entire life, I have never successfully fried up a grilled cheese sandwich that looked like the Virgin Mary.

Living on your writing is tough, this year has been especially tough, and at the moment I’m in a money crunch where money isn’t due yet, but bills are.

So we can make ends meet this month, I’m offering six months of one-on-one worldbuilding tutoring to three people. One auction will be a 1-day auction, one will be a three-day auction, and one will be a seven-day auction. The auctions, and all details, are listed below. You’re free to ask questions here, or on the individual auctions.

NEW: Due to a particularly useful comment from one poster here, I’m going to go ahead and offer a manuscript crit option, too. I’m trying to get words right now, so I’ll put off posting that auction until tomorrow or the next day. To make time to do the crit, and perhaps one or two later, I deleted two of the worldbuilding auctions that didn’t have any bids on them yet.

So … well … you can get a great Christmas or other holiday present for your favorite writer. Or yourself. Or start now — the time you start your six months is up to you.

One-Day Auction
Three-Day Auction
Seven-Day Auction

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