I’m Offering Worldbuilding Tutoring on Ebay

Here’s the deal. My home kidney-removal kit is broken, so I can’t auction a kidney, and in my entire life, I have never successfully fried up a grilled cheese sandwich that looked like the Virgin Mary.

Living on your writing is tough, this year has been especially tough, and at the moment I’m in a money crunch where money isn’t due yet, but bills are.

So we can make ends meet this month, I’m offering six months of one-on-one worldbuilding tutoring to three people. One auction will be a 1-day auction, one will be a three-day auction, and one will be a seven-day auction. The auctions, and all details, are listed below. You’re free to ask questions here, or on the individual auctions.

NEW: Due to a particularly useful comment from one poster here, I’m going to go ahead and offer a manuscript crit option, too. I’m trying to get words right now, so I’ll put off posting that auction until tomorrow or the next day. To make time to do the crit, and perhaps one or two later, I deleted two of the worldbuilding auctions that didn’t have any bids on them yet.

So … well … you can get a great Christmas or other holiday present for your favorite writer. Or yourself. Or start now — the time you start your six months is up to you.

One-Day Auction
Three-Day Auction
Seven-Day Auction

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9 responses to “I’m Offering Worldbuilding Tutoring on Ebay”

  1. ASCox Avatar

    Amazing! I can’t believe how quickly the price shot up! I sincerely wish I had the money to do this, you’re an amazing writer and teach in a style I really absorb.

    I hope everything works out great for you!

  2. arrvee Avatar

    Selling organs on eBay is illegal, anyway.

    No, it’s not:

    Organ-Selling on Ebay

    Heh, heh.

    I think auctioning your skills is a truly excellent idea, Holly. If I had any money, I would bid. *sigh*

  3. ammit Avatar

    Selling organs on eBay is illegal, anyway. *grin* I’m excited about these!

  4. Holly Avatar

    I’m offering worldbuilding tutoring because it’s the subject I’ve been getting the most requests for lately. Also, it’s something that I have a tremendous amount of fun both doing and teaching — I figured I could give the auction winners a spectacular class in worldbuilding that not everyone else could do.

    I’ll keep manuscript crits in mind as a possibility if things don’t straighten out for us pretty quickly.

    EDITED: Manuscript crits are a good idea. I’ve decided to pull two of the auctions that didn’t have bids and put up a crit in their place, either tomorrow or the day after.

  5. TinaK Avatar

    Exciting! I need HELP! I’ll bid! I’ll loose because I’m poor but I’ll bid! *crossing fingers*

  6. Jennifer Avatar

    One other idea: let people preorder and pay for CCC now, and then email them the ebook when it’s done. I would happily do that, but (since I Do Not Use Paypal) non-Paypal payment methods would be helpful.

  7. Luminessence Avatar

    I think this is a great idea. Just to let you know, though, your “Tonk decorative alphabet” and “Tonk handwriting script” links on the auctions are broken.

  8. Kaitiana Avatar

    I think the idea is great and would love to help you out. I wonder, though, if you might not consider offering one or two different tutoring options in additon to world-building. For instance, I consider myself pretty good at world-building and what I’m working on right now is the querying process. I could use tutoring on my query letter, synopsis, and first three chapters. I understand this may require more work than the world-building tutoring and may not be feasible for you, but just thought I’d toss that out there in case anyone else is in the same boat and it might gain you another source of auction income. Thanks for listening!

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