I’m looking good to beat my deadline on Ohio #4

So… <evil laugh>… today went well. I got 1251 words of my 1250 needed.  

And I now only have 12,288 words left to hit my 90,000 on this novel. I might run a little longer, but I don’t think it’s going to be much over that.

12,228 words to THE END

Yeah, I did the math. And took a picture to show you.

Because things keep clicking on this book. Pieces from the earlier three keep connecting into what I’m doing now in ways that I don’t expect, and everything keeps making the even that has to happen at the end of this novel to set up the FINAL novel… just work.

I didn’t expect any of this, or plan it. But I did plan things like it. My characters are just a lot more invested in their survival than I anticipated.

Good, good writing day, and one that leaves me eager for tomorrow.

If I keep getting my 1250 words a day, I’ll wrap this novel up in two weeks. 

That might not happen. But it’s nice to realize that it could.

Figure, I wasn’t planning on being done with this novel until November 15th. A few days early is ALWAYS cool.

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