I’m joining the PIPA/SOPA Strike Tomorrow

Join the PIPA/SOPA Strike Tomorrow
Join the PIPA/SOPA Strike Tomorrow

All three of my sites: https://hollylisle.com, http://howtothinksideways.com, and http://writingcoursesnow.com will be blacked out tomorrow during the strike.

I am a writer, and my work is currently being pirated on a number of sites. I have done everything I can to have the pirated works taken down, so please understand that I am NOT a fan of piracy, and furthermore, I am one of the people these laws are ostensibly supposed to help.

PIPA and SOPA are bad laws.

They will NOT help me. They will not help anyone. They will simply give the US government and other governments that follow suit a way to break the Internet.

Please join me in protesting these laws, and use the links provided from any of my sites during the blackout to contact your representatives and tell them that you do not support these laws, and consider support of them an infringement of individual rights.

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6 responses to “I’m joining the PIPA/SOPA Strike Tomorrow”

  1. John Avatar

    Holly, I had already contacted my congressman and thought you might be interested in his response.

    “While minor differences exist between the House and Senate bills, I am opposed to both the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). These bills would give the Department of Justice expanded authority to request a court order against certain search engines, Domain Name System (DNS) providers, and Internet advertising firms to prevent sites with pirated or counterfeit content from receiving visitors or money from the United States.

    In the past few weeks, I have heard from dozens of business owners, educators, students, and others from the Big First who share your sentiments on this issue. It is good to see that we can all agree that this legislation is not the proper response to concerns over pirated Internet content. While I recognize there are some legitimate concerns that need to be addressed regarding piracy and intellectual property, I believe that neither of these bills is the answer to those problems. And, in fact, this legislation has the potential to make things far worse.”

    My congressman is Tim Huelskamp from the 1st district in KS. I have yet to hear back from my senators but have emailed them as well.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Fantastic. I haven’t heard anything back yet.

  2. Roger Doering Avatar
    Roger Doering

    I don’t know this, but the president MUST bow to the Hollywood top brass to get enough money to buy his second term. I think it is all a political scam.

  3. Holly Avatar

    If you hung out with me on Twitter yesterday, helped me test the strike blackout issues, or participated by blacking out your site, emailing your Congressmen, letting people know what was going on, or participated in any way, thanks.

    We’re not done yet.

    At this point, the folks on the Hill have only said they’re not going to pass anything unless they have CONSENSUS on it. That means the lobby creatures can still get all sorts of vile clauses inserted, and because our Congressmen are essentially clueless knobs when it comes to the internet, they can come to the CONSENSUS that everything is fine with the new changes.

    They have not said they’ll bring competent people on board to tell them when they’re trying to do something stupid. These are the people who say “I don’t know how this works, but it sounds like a good idea to me.” They’re people who think they have a right to an opinion, not a right to an INFORMED opinion, and these are the folks legislating our lives.

    This is not over, and if we don’t watch them closely, it will end badly.

  4. Amy Avatar

    I’m in. Oh, and for those with a free WordPress blog, if you go to Settings, they’ve added one for the SOPA protest so you can blackout your blog (or add a black ribbon until Jan. 24th if you’d rather not join in the protest tomorrow).

  5. Texanne Avatar

    I feel the same way. I hate crooks, but more than that, I hate governments that try to use our fears to strip away our freedoms, our rights to run our lives as adults.

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