I’m In The News

Well, sort of. There’s a nice article about me in the Dallas Speculative Fiction Examiner.

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14 responses to “I’m In The News”

  1. Red_dot Avatar

    Great article.

  2. Emily Pritchard Avatar
    Emily Pritchard

    Oh, LOL. “Quite substantial”, eh?

    Kudos, Holly! I tell all my friends about your site – so glad to see you getting the publicity you deserve!

  3. Eve Avatar

    W00t Holly! A lovely interview.

  4. Dooginator Avatar

    Congratulations Holly! Love the article… it speaks volumes of you and is quite a tribute. Bravo, you are ever the inspiration and gracious lover of life.

  5. LisaM Avatar

    That is a wonderful interview! I like the fact that it includes the interview with Jim Rose and his memories of Holly at school.

    It’s a great piece and has that feel-good aspect to it. I really liked it.

  6. Knicky Silverwolf Avatar
    Knicky Silverwolf

    Wonderful article, Holly. I’ve always been amazed at how much you’re able to fit into just 24 hours; especially including your generous help to new and struggling writers. I admire your discipline and “pay it forward” attitude. Thank you.

  7. Alice Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    Lovely article, loved reading it and imagining I was there with the two of you, then I signed up for the Crash Revsion workshop. Then I started to wonder if it could happen for me too.

    See Holly, every time you say or do something, my world expands a little more.

    Makes you a damn special gift in my life.
    Thank you

  8. Gabby Avatar

    What a great article. It’s so nice that she is spreading the word.

  9. Becky Burkheart Avatar

    Awesome! A great interview and well deserved attention.

  10. Kathi Avatar

    That’s a lovely article, Holly. I think it distills the best advice of all, to persist. It’s a hard truth at times, isn’t it, that the only real magic to writing is actual work? Hard, nose to the grindstone, sit down and just DO it, work.



  11. Shawna Avatar

    Haven’t gone and read yet, but will… just had to say the name of the publication, at first glance, made me think it was something along the lines of National Enquirer.

    Had me wondering for just a moment what on earth you were doing these days to end up in one of *those* rags, lol.

  12. Irene Woodhead Avatar

    Wow, this is a lovely interview!!

    I’m amazed you still find time, as djmills said, to educate us. With all this gynormous work!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  13. TimK Avatar

    You deserve any publicity you can get, Holly. (At least that’s what I tell all my friends.) 🙂 -TimK

  14. djmills Avatar

    Wow! What a good interview. 🙂
    Thank you for all the work you put into educating the rest of us.

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