I’m annoyed with myself — Ohio 2 revision read-through, markup… and an unanticipated issue

So I’m all the way through page 422 on the read-through of Book 2.

There are 431 printed pages in the first-draft manuscript, and you’d think, wouldn’t you, that being this close to the end of the book, I’d just finish the read-through and mark-up today?

Usually, I would.

But I’ve been hitting some walls with this novel’s first draft. Places where I alluded to a lot of worldbuilding that I hadn’t actually done, places where I used a couple of sentences to have something happen, and where that action needed at LEAST a full scene, and maybe even its own chapter…

And while it’s evident that I had a helluva lot of fun worldbuilding on the fly, and beating up my MC, and putting all the folks I like in awful danger…

There are places in Book Two that read like a pretty good line-for-scene outline.

Book ONE is ready for typesetting and publication.

Book TWO is going to take a full-on revision and is going to probably come out the other end of its ordeal about 25% longer than it is right now. Best case.

So before I read what I decided made a good ending for Book Two when I wrote the first draft, I’m just going to let the story perk in the back of my mind for the rest of today.

I’ll come back in tomorrow morning when I’m fresh, drop back a few pages to the beginning of the current chapter, read to the end, and then see if I can find a relatively short way to solve the problem I’ve made for myself.

If not, I’ll be returning to the beginning of Book Two to build out the solution I see right now, which will add about a third to the length of this novel, and MIGHT complicate some of what I’ve written in Three through Five.


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