I’m almost through the rough spot

By Holly Lisle

I’ve been keeping my head down and slogging.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been:

  • writing HTRYN,
  • writing the Crash Revisions Workshop and creating a workshop gift (if you signed up for that, I asked Sharon if we could keep the board around a little longer, and she’s agreed to keep it up for one more week, which means you can still get the gift I made for all the workshoppers)
  • working on the TalysMana contest and project
  • doing the mandatory website and e-mail maintenance running a little business demands
  • fixing up a moderately wrecked foreclosure
  • getting all my tax stuff in order for my accountant
  • finding a friend I’d been searching for for the last 15 years, only to lose her two days after I found her to cancer

Still facing a couple of hurdles. I still have two HTRYN lessons to write, as well as creating the couple of bonuses the current batch of students will get to request and then vote on. I still ALSO have a series of advanced HTRYN demos to do, but those aren’t a rush issue.

I hope to finish up my box of tax material tonight, to get to my accountant tomorrow.

We’re still not done with the foreclosure.

Entries to the TalysMana contest are now closed, but it’s going to take me a few more days than I’d planned to get all the back-end stuff set up.

And on April 29th, my brother-in-law goes in for surgery to remove the huge (bigger than a softball) hemangioma in his brain.

This is just an update because I have a couple of minutes before we have to do other things, and because I haven’t been in here in a while.

It’s been a rough month.

I’m keeping my head down, and slogging.

I’ll be back when I have some breathing space.

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