If you’re reading TalysMana, please read this

What Is A First Draft? I’ve added it to pages for new folks to find. It’s important. Please take a few minutes to read it.

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2 responses to “If you’re reading TalysMana, please read this”

  1. Raven Avatar

    ” In the majority of my revisions, I add about 30%-50% to the length of the manuscript, rewrite about 75% of the story, delete whole chapters, eliminate and condense some characters, change themes, completely toss much of the beginning (the part of the novel furthest from my final vision of what the book should be) add in world details…”

    THAT right there means so much to me! I’m taking the HTRYN course and between it and your first draft, I have hope that completely rewriting the first 50 pages or more is exactly what needs to be done. If anything, people should be thanking you for your bravery, not calling you out for imperfections. Thanks for showing us your rough writing as it really helps us all have hope that our rough writing can and will be a gem in the rough.

  2. Marya Avatar

    Just read the first installment. If that’s a first draft, I’m giving up writing. And I write for a living.

    Talk about leaving your reader hanging… Can’t wait for the next bit.

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