If you’re here…

By Holly Lisle

If you’re here, then you’ve reached the site’s new location, hosted by Downtownhost.com. Jatol, much beloved by me, Zette, and FMer’s in general, is going down in flames in a big, ugly way. I was lucky to save the site. As you’ll read in the thread linked above, tons of others were a lot less lucky.

It’ll take me a couple of days to make sure e-mail is working correctly and to get everything on the shop working right before I reopen doors. And to get CARP fixed so that the weblog will show up on the front page again. But those are small things. We didn’t lose a single piece of data or a single sales record in the store, so your future upgrades and other goodies will be safe.

Meanwhile, while I wait for everything to finish propagating, I’m going to get writing done today. I have this SO cool idea on what happens to the girls in the Moonroads’ Deeps (they weren’t in the Deeps when the chapter opened—the Deeps are much, much worse.

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