If you’re here…

If you’re here, then you’ve reached the site’s new location, hosted by Downtownhost.com. Jatol, much beloved by me, Zette, and FMer’s in general, is going down in flames in a big, ugly way. I was lucky to save the site. As you’ll read in the thread linked above, tons of others were a lot less lucky.

It’ll take me a couple of days to make sure e-mail is working correctly and to get everything on the shop working right before I reopen doors. And to get CARP fixed so that the weblog will show up on the front page again. But those are small things. We didn’t lose a single piece of data or a single sales record in the store, so your future upgrades and other goodies will be safe.

Meanwhile, while I wait for everything to finish propagating, I’m going to get writing done today. I have this SO cool idea on what happens to the girls in the Moonroads’ Deeps (they weren’t in the Deeps when the chapter opened—the Deeps are much, much worse.

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10 responses to “If you’re here…”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Apparently Jatol was having issues some of us missed, even before things crashed all the way.

  2. unxplaindfires Avatar

    hey holly,

    Glad to find you’re still online. Past few months your site wouldn’t load on any computer/server I tried. Guess I have some back reading to do.


  3. PolarBear Avatar

    That’s awesome!

  4. Holly Avatar

    I know that the owner (Jorge Catena) of Downtownhost, which I researched exhaustively before moving, is now offering a 99%-off first year deal to Jatol refugees. I told him how I ended up there, he read the thread above, and his response was to make things easier for Jatol folks. Nice guy, tremendously helpful.

    Coupon is refugee. I went with the other one, which is 25% off forever. I figure, I like staying in one place, so that will work out better for me. But still…

  5. tambo Avatar

    I’ve read the whole long thing. My friends Sam and Josh actually do all the site maintenance stuff – Sammie has always delt with Jatol – so I’ve passed the info off to them. So far I haven’t had any trouble posting to the blog or forums, checking emails… it’s operating normally to me. But I know that could change at any moment without warning. We’ve always kept regular backups, but just to be extra safe I’ve downloaded and archved the coding for every page of the site. All the blog information is on my computer so absolutely no problem there (and I’ve made all the graphic pieces so they’re here too if needed). Josh is looking into new hosts as I type this and Sam will be online in about 3 hours, so it should all get switched over this weekend if not sooner.

  6. Holly Avatar

    Tambo—If you haven’t gone through the long thread I linked above (twenty pages the last time I checked), do. Quickly. Even though I can still access my Jatol c-panel (when I hit a server that hasn’t yet updated the DNS), I can’t delete any files, or work on any files, on the Jatol site, or in the Jatol C-Panel. And Faldran has fallen off the face of the earth. Has been out of contact even with his last employee for three weeks plus. You need to get to a new host and get your nameservers repointed quickly.

  7. tambo Avatar

    I’m hosted on Jatol too and – so far – I’m still up and running (as well as completely backed up, so no worries there). I feel horrible for all those frustrated folks who’ve lost all their data and emails.

    Glad you made it through the shutdown intact. Wonder what’s going on over Jatol way. They’d always been really nice and easy to work with, but with Matt and Logan leaving the company… I guess the writing was on the wall.

  8. Inkblot Avatar

    I’m so glad you survived with all your data intact, Holly. And glad to have you back online 🙂

  9. TJ Avatar

    I read the whole 17 pages and, well, it’s one screwed up mess. Glad you were able to get your stuff outta there.

  10. Gabriele Avatar

    I browsed through the link – yikes, that’s a scary situation for many, and you and FM were indeed on the lucky side to have the data still up.

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