If you ever bought one of my ebooks or courses directly from me, it’s about to go live again.

By Holly Lisle

Whether you bought from the old Shop.HollyLisle.com site, or any of my various classrooms, I’ve added your purchases of my work into the new HowToThinkSideways.com site.

It looks like my son, Watson, and I will be taking the new site live over this weekend (which means forums and classrooms will be unavailable while we’re working on the site).

Everything you’ve ever purchased from me from any of my old websites or from the old shop, as well as the new shop, SHOULD be available to you immediately in the new classrooms. And once we’re live, you’ll be able to do some nice upgrades to old purchases.

In order to reconnect with all your old purchases, you’re going to want to know how the new system works.

Here’s the link to a handful of 1-minute to 3-minute videos I’ve put together to show you how things work on the new system.

Here are the videos:


Pay special attention to the “get a new password” video. EVERYONE will have to get a new password in order to get in.

If you purchased from Shop.HollyLisle.com, you’re going to need to remember your old email address in order to get your new password.

If your old email address no longer works, then AFTER we upgrade the site you’ll need to create a support ticket at the HELP DESK and let me know both your old email address and new email address so I can update your email for you, so you can get a new password.



P.S. Here’s a short link to the same page in case the link above breaks:


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