If I Brought Lambs

The novel LAST GIRL DANCING was born as IF I BROUGHT LAMBS, on 9/1/96, with the following poem that I wrote. I’ve included the whole page, because initially each chapter was supposed to be preceded by a poem from the killer, and, finding it this morning, I thought the header was kind of funny. Along with this poem, I just discovered the synopsis for that previous version of the story.

The core idea so horrified my then-agent that he told me the book could never sell, and the core idea is what finally sold, though through a different agent. Which goes to show that different agents have different opinions of the same things.

Here’s the page:

A Collection of Psycho Poetry for


if i brought lambs, lambs
to slaughter, my fairest Carida,
would you feed me
would you make me
sweet stews from the livers,
rich pies from the kidneys

or would you chastise me
Carida, Carida
for killing the tender young lambs?

The poetry didn’t make it to LAST GIRL DANCING. The killer did. So I thought I’d share the poetry, too, as an odd aside.

I’ll note that this is the only Psycho Poem I wrote for the book–the problem with including psycho poetry is that to get it, you have to be your own psycho. Ugh.

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5 responses to “If I Brought Lambs”

  1. Luminessence Avatar

    That is a creepy poem.

    Speaking of “Be Your Own Psycho,” I’ve discovered that I do pretty well at writing from the point of view of somebody insane. I’m not sure what this says about me.

  2. FrankA Avatar

    “Be Your Own Phycho” could be a chapter in your work on how to write characters. I can see it now, chapter four, “How to get inside your charater’s twisted mind with poetry good enough for a restraining order.”

  3. PJ Avatar

    Hmm…”Be Your Own Psycho”….a new book title?



  4. PolarBear Avatar

    This reads like a collaboration with Tambo…

  5. Gabriele Avatar

    If someone gave me a poem like that, I’d try to stay far away from him. With an ocean in between, preferably.

    That’s a scary one.

    And I even like lamb stew. 🙂

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