I think I found my way back into the story

I only got about 250 words last night, but in doing so, I took the story in a new direction — bad news for the Sentinels, good news for me. The keth have come to Cat Creek. They’ve managed to narrow down the origination of new magic in the world to that location, and now they’re looking for the source. I’ve been wanting to do something with the keth since the first book, when Eric unknowingly disguised himself as one in Oria to get into Copper House. The Orians had made concessions to one of these dark gods in order to keep Ballahara intact, and they’ve had some dealings with that particular one — but the keth are rare. Earth hasn’t had a visitation of keth in about two or three thousand years. They like worlds a little less close to the edge of destruction; I’m calling them ‘first feeders,’ the first line of destruction.

Apparently, something Lauren did is interfering with their destruction further down the line, for they’re also not a cooperative lot most times. Keth on Earth is extraordinary, three of them in one place, unheard of.

So today, dark gods and old gods meet in small-town North Carolina, and I’m expecting quite a mess.

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