I Now Have God’s E-mail Address

This morning in my mailbox I discovered this e-mail waiting for me.

From: El Adonai [yhwh .ancient.of.days AT SOME MAIL SERVER.com]
Subject: Regarding Ear Design

Hello, Holly. Recently it came to my attention that you are dissatisfied with the quality and design of the human aural receptors, otherwise more commonly known as “ears”.

Look, nobody’s perfect, okay? I was sitting there just sort of doodling ideas out and then up came Gabriel going on about “You never share any of the creation” and “why don’t you let us try now and again”. So, I handed him the pad and let him try. I said to him, It must be functional–the purpose of this organ is to perceive sound, so that my children may hear my voice and all the beauty of the world; take this paper, this ink, and make for me a thing to fulfill this purpose.

Easy enough, right? And what does that blowhard hand me? Abstract art! On my Son’s eyes, I swear it was almost as bad as when I let Lucifer at it and he made that “appendix” thing. He still won’t tell me what that damn thing is supposed to do.


I Am

I have THE best readers any writer ever had.

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9 responses to “I Now Have God’s E-mail Address”

  1. ShunRenHu Avatar

    Hi! Query what is God’s email address, will you please tell me ?

  2. Holly Avatar

    PJ–With you on the drummer. Should have let someone from Strings handle it. 😉

  3. tonydyer Avatar

    I read recently that a university in the UK had discovered the purpose of the appendix. It’s to reintroduce friendly bacteria after the body has suffered and recovered from a bacterial infection.

  4. PJ Avatar

    Holly: Since the two of you now have a correspondence going, could you pass this on?

    Dear God,

    After Holly shared your e-mail with us, a question came to mind, and I mean no disrespect when I say this, but … YOU LET A MUSICIAN DO AN ENGINEER’S JOB?! Ol’ Gabe plays the trumpet for Pete’s sake. Okay, it’s not as bad as if you’d let, say, a drummer design them, but come on!

    BTW, while the ear design is less than stellar, the opposable thumbs rock!


  5. shawna Avatar


    Oh my, talk about networking…

  6. Holly Avatar

    It made my morning. 😀

  7. Nicole Avatar

    Love it! Wonderful way to begin a Friday.

  8. TinaK Avatar

    LOL – that’s fantastic!

  9. Keely Avatar

    Wow! An e-mail from God!!! And to think I was excited to get an e-mail from a well known cartoonist from Ithica, NY in my inbox.

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