I now have all my first-round editors

By Holly Lisle

I received 152 applications, and in what has to be a world record for someone taking job applications, more than half were not just qualified, but WELL-qualified.

It was both astonishing and gratifying.

It was also hell to get through, because I had 32 slots to fill, and 152 prospective people to fill them.

I had the fun of telling 32 prospective editors they’d made the first cut, and got to move on to the tryout phase.

And then I got to write out 120 personal rejection letters. I mentioned this elsewhere, but no matter which end of the process you’re on, saying No is no fun.

But now I have my first group of folks, and I have something cool coming up for everyone else in just a couple of days—Rebel-Tales-related, and for readers, writers, editors, would-be publishers…

More on that tomorrow.

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