I now have all my first-round editors

I received 152 applications, and in what has to be a world record for someone taking job applications, more than half were not just qualified, but WELL-qualified.

It was both astonishing and gratifying.

It was also hell to get through, because I had 32 slots to fill, and 152 prospective people to fill them.

I had the fun of telling 32 prospective editors they’d made the first cut, and got to move on to the tryout phase.

And then I got to write out 120 personal rejection letters. I mentioned this elsewhere, but no matter which end of the process you’re on, saying No is no fun.

But now I have my first group of folks, and I have something cool coming up for everyone else in just a couple of days—Rebel-Tales-related, and for readers, writers, editors, would-be publishers…

More on that tomorrow.

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10 responses to “I now have all my first-round editors”

  1. Charlotte Avatar


    I can’t wait to see more updates. I believe I’m on the Rebel Tales email list, so even though I didn’t make it into the tryouts, I would very much like to follow-up with future opportunities. Keep us posted!


  2. Sapphire Avatar

    Yee-HAH! (Rubs head where it struck ceiling.) I am quite pleased.

    To all you writers out there: on your mark, get set—

  3. Megs - Scattered Bits Avatar
    Megs – Scattered Bits

    Very exciting!

  4. Michelle Avatar

    I was sad when I didn’t make the editor cut, but c’est la vie. Now I’m excited about submitting a story. I’m working on getting a couple in shape, still haven’t decided which one I plan to submit.

    Holly, I signed up for the How to Revise Your Novel course, and it looks like I’ve hit a snag because I was also registered with How to Think Sideways. I sent you an email last week with my information, but I wasn’t sure if you’d missed it with everything you have going on. Should I send it again?

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Michelle,

      Please resend to hollypaypal AT hollylisle DOT com

      Margaret and I will get whatever mess you have straightened out.

      1. Michelle Avatar

        Thanks Holly.

  5. WandersNowhere Avatar


    I may have jumped the gun a little; I’ve started fleshing out the background for the story I’m going to submit to RT. I have the two principle characters, the cultures they’re from, the antagonist, what SEEMS to be going on and what REALLY is written out in at least conceptual form. For what’s (hopefully, you know me and waffling) going to be a nice manageable short story, I’m about ready to put fingers to keyboard.

    I’m getting excited, I REALLY like where this is going, and I think you will too. Even if it eventually doesn’t make it, I’m going to enjoy writing this for its own sake. Thank you for inspiring me, congratulations on the editors, and good luck with the rest!

  6. Liana Brooks Avatar

    Congrats, Lisa!

    I guess I better double-check the spam box. I probably just missed the letter in there. :o)

  7. Lisa Avatar

    Oh! I heard back from Holly and I am so excited I can hardly sit still! Woohoo! Can’t wait to get started! My little imaginary tail is wagging so hard it is thumping everything off the table. Yippee!

  8. Liana Brooks Avatar

    Hi, Holly, if we haven’t heard from you about our application yet do we assume it is a no? Thanks – L


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