I loathe drama — ZERO words, ZERO replacement scene sentences built.

Sometimes my job as a writer and my job as a writing-community owner conflict.

Today was one of those days — and it was ugly and infuriating. I lost one very nice member who has been with me for years because that writer’s work was attacked in an fashion by another member.

I’m doing my best to get that member back — I had to make amends to the writer who was attacked because I failed to understand the problem when she brought it to me initially. She chose to be polite about the person attacking her work, and did not name names.

My moderators discovered independently both the attack on the work (which is absolutely forbidden in my site Terms of Use), and the identity of the attacker.

I had to ban the attacker from the forum (temporarily, but probably permanently, because I don’t think the member who left will come back, and I’m not sure the banned member will be able to stay within the TOS).

And this mess was completely avoidable. I have terms of service up on the site. I expect all members to read them. I then expect them to follow them. 

And I expect to never be yanked away from my actual job of writing fiction because someone has decided to treat another member horribly, costing me a student. Possibly two.

For this, I lost a complete day of work.


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7 responses to “I loathe drama — ZERO words, ZERO replacement scene sentences built.”

  1. dragon Avatar

    Wow. That sucks. Sounds like it’s resolving, but damn … Bad form on the part of the troublemaker. *sigh* {{{{{Hugs. }}}}}

  2. BJ Steeves Avatar
    BJ Steeves

    Ouch … You worked extremely hard to provide a place for writers to learn and share ideas, and then someone has to toss a molotov cocktail, then fan the flames on top of it.

    I do hope that you can convince that member to return. It would be a great shame that member doesn’t return because of the actions of another individual.

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you do for all the members.

    1. Holly Avatar

      She has come back. However, I’m now trying to follow up with another member who quit abruptly, and who might have done so for the exact same reason.

  3. Talena Avatar

    I’m so sorry that happened. I hope you have a better day today. ❤️

    1. Holly Avatar

      Thank you. I’m tempering my first fury a bit, and doing my best to work with BOTH writers.

      1. Talena Avatar

        Oh, good. I hope it is resolved amicably. I loathe drama too.

        1. Holly Avatar

          The person who caused the drama will be permitted to return once the time-out has lifted. What happens after that will be entirely in that person’s hands.

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