I know how Book 4 ends!!! And will probably finish the novel TODAY!

I woke up this morning knowing the ending. As has happened sometimes in the past with novels, it was just there, something my brain figured out while my body was asleep, and dumped into the hopper for me to see when I woke up.

So TODAY, I need to dump about 1200-1400 words that went in the wrong direction.

That’s a whole three seconds of my day.

And then I settle in, and I write the ending.

That means that this book won’t look like 90,000 words when I finish it. Not a problem. Short books for me always get longer in revision. (Long ones frequently do that, too — but that isn’t today’s issue.)

But odds are BIG that I’m going to finish Ohio 4 today.

If I stop messing around here.

So… this was yesterday’s end-of-day word-count. 83,316.Ohio 4 2021 11 04 at 2 34 45 PM

And having just cut the words that had to go, this is where I’m starting this morning.Ohio 4 2021 11 05 at 8 10 36 AM

You can see that I ripped out a lot of words. Don’t care, they needed to go, they were slowing me down. I know how BOOK FOUR ENDS. 

So now… it’s time to wreak havoc, and let loose the Cat of War.

Hot SHIT, I love this job!

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