I have NEW Fiction and Nonfiction available!

It’s taken a while to get past the indigestible lump that was How To Think Sideways, but from now on, I’m hoping to get at least one new item into print every month.

This month, I have two—LIGHT THROUGH FOG, the first Holly Lisle Single (short fiction), and CREATE A CHARACTER CLINIC, 2nd EDITION.

Both feature introductory discounts that end October 1st.

Some people only fall in love once…

SHORT DESCRIPTION: When a young widow abruptly loses her beloved husband, she finds a way to reconnect with him…but there’s a price.

REVIEW: “This is a hauntingly brilliant story about second chances. Sam and Sarah are married, with two wonderful kids. They are soul mates and each other’s childhood sweetheart until Sam is killed in a car accident. Sarah is devastated and bereft. In a moment of peace after the funeral Sarah retreats to a tiny island on their property where they had built a whimsical adult tree house together. Sarah plans to spread Sam’s ashes – a promise they had made to one another. As a fog rolls in she hears a voice and then a figure emerges from the mist – Sam. Whether dreaming, or going crazy or not Sarah embraces a last opportunity for a goodbye she never had the chance to say…” — SciFiGuy.ca

99¢ until OCTOBER 1st. Save $1.00

Includes a new afterword by the author.
Reprint: First published in The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance, edited by Trisha Telep

About Holly Lisle Singles:

Along with novels, I write short fiction. Like my novels, my short work comes in all genres, in many styles, and is about all sorts of subject matter. If this is your first experience with my work, there’s a LOT more out there already.

With Holly Lisle Singles, I’m both reprinting out-of-print work and writing new stories, trying out new characters (or revisiting old ones), and exploring new genres and voices. I figure it’s a good way for folks who have never read anything by me to try out my work. Besides, short fiction is fun to write.

So with every Single, you’ll be getting something different. If you find something you love, or meet a character you would love to see more of, TELL me. Post comments and requests here, or go to my site and send me a message via SUPPORT. I listen.

You can create and write characters who live and breathe on the page; who capture the attention of readers, agents, and editors; who drive your story from a compelling start to a captivating ending.

It’s not a trick, it’s not some gift of the Fiction Fairy bestowed on only a few. You have everything you need within you to start creating brilliant characters today.
Today? Yes.

If you jumpstart with the Shadow Room exercise, you can know enough about your first new, compelling character to start writing about him…in about 15 minutes.

My system is simple, and step-by-step. I break character development down into techniques you can start following immediately. I’ll show you what I do, and then take you through doing it yourself.


And I keep it short—you shouldn’t have to wade through tons of words to find the few kernels of useful knowledge that you can start applying to your own work.

You can get your copy from:

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4 responses to “I have NEW Fiction and Nonfiction available!”

  1. Bethany Avatar

    unfortunately, I purchased my copy from Amazon some two years ago (at least), and have since terminated the account that I had used to buy it. If the clinic is definitely different, I will go ahead and purchase it again. I have no way to prove I already bought it, except that I physically have it.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Bethany,

      The Clinic is significantly different.

  2. Bethany Avatar

    Hey Holly! I just had a question regarding whether there is a significant difference between the first and second editions of Create a Character Clinic. I ask because I already own the original edition, and while I would be happy to purchase the second, I don’t want to buy it and find that it’s just been edited a little, if you understand. This is especially true since I own the original in print (which I vastly prefer) and the second seems to be available only in kindle format (I have a kindle, but usually forget it exists for six months out of the year). Thank you so much for your time (and I am SO EXCITED about the Create a World Clinic that coming!)

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Bethany,

      If you bought Character Clinic in any version, you have the upgrade now. Login to your account at http://howtothinksideways.com/

      Read the first-time back instructions on the front page if you haven’t been in yet.

      If you can’t get in, create a ticket at the HELP DESK. (Link on the upper right corner of every page of the site).
      Read the instructions at the top of the page to make sure you include the info I need to help you get into your account. (Even if you never had one before, you have one now).

      If you can get in, but can’t find your previous purchases, dig out all your receipts (you can get them from PayPal if you didn’t save them in your email), and copy and paste them into your ticket.

      I hope to get all the Clinics and other Short Course ebooks into print versions again later this year. Like you, I prefer them in print.

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