“I hate waiting.”

By Holly Lisle

Inego Montoya said it in The Princess Bride, and I sympathized then, and I empathize now. I hate waiting. The outline went out today — is in the hands of the editor. Will most likely hit the publisher’s desk in the next day or two, but … no way of knowing when. I am now, and will be for the next unknowable span of time, strung tighter than a guitar’s high E string.

Tomorrow, back to Talyn. I am hoping for a smooth transition back into that world, but can probably count on at least a day or two of struggling to find my way back into voice and story and pace. I’ll drop back about ten pages and revise, just to worm my way back in as quickly as possible.

And I’ll jump like someone goosed me with a cattle prod every time the phone rings. Whee.

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