I …. Hate …. Computers

By Holly Lisle




I did a clean install from the factory disks. Did the system upgrades from the official site. And KEY COMMANDS don’t work.

I refuse to be relegated to using the mouse, the whole mouse, and nothing but the mouse, so help me God. So I’m backing everything up (This time I did a nice little file for my serial numbers, many of which I had to track down in e-mails last time).

And then I’m going to do a do-over. One more brain-wipe/reinstall, followed by testing every step of the way to see where key commands die.

And then a third reinstall that doesn’t include whichever system update it was that screwed things up.

My day. My next few days, actually, because after I do that, I have to hand-reinstall all my e-mail accounts (again), and my software (again).

Folks who are waiting on crits and WB workshops … I have them about ready. I apologize for the delay — we’ll add the extra time onto the end of your courses.

Everyone else … wish me luck. I’m going back in.

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